BOOK REVIEW: Alfred: The Boy Who Would Be King by Ron Smorynski

Hello there, everyone.

Today I’m here to review a middle-grade book that talks about a boy called Alfred.

Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by the author, I received a free e-copy in exchange for an honest review.


Alfred is a normal video-game-playing boy who gets transported to a dark perilous land filled with werewolves, goblins, bandits, knights, peasants, and a vengeful witch.
He must help the peasants rebuild their kingdom, unite the knights and bandits, and stop
the impending attack by a powerful witch and her horde of goblins and ratlings.
This was one of those books where you’re like “Oh.. okay.” but you don’t stop reading for like 50 pages and then it gets SO much better and you understand that everything that was slow at the beginning was needed for the set-up.
I am 17 but I still LOVE reading middle-grade. It’s one of my favorite genres and it makes me feel like a child again and this book definitely did that for me.
As Derhman went to take his boy, Alfred turned toward him. “Derhman, do you know of any great spear men or warriors? Know of any knights?”
 Derhman mumbled as he pulled his son away, “No, milord, I know of none.”
“Well, you can take your son, but you’ll have to replace him with a knight,” Alfred said.
I love Alfred and his relationship with his mom. She’s really weird in the beginning, barely fits in her society and is really poor. Alfred appreciates their financial status although he is very young and I thought that was a really lovely aspect to the book.
It discussed a sensitive topic; money, in a way that a child would understand and comprehend so easily and so vividly.
When Alfred becomes king, he doesn’t exactly know what to do but he’s a natural.
He knows how to look out for his people and make sure they’re okay and everyone
respected him for it. All the actions he took that completely baffled the adults in his society at first, left them in awe later. That’s probably the best part of the book, seeing him somehow figure out how to manage everything and rule his kingdom at such a young age. It was so inspiring to witness, as a reader.
I highly recommend this book to everyone who loves middle-grade fantasy books because this one is so nice.
Overall Rating: 4/5 stars.
ALSO, Ron is offering the first half of the book on his website for free, so you can click right here to check it out and hopefully enjoy it as much as I did!
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You can purchase this book from Book Depository by clicking right here. (Pssst… No shipping fees)!!
Until my next post, stay safe.

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