Checkmate: This is Dangerous by Kennedy Fox review (Farah)


Author: Kennedy Fox

Genre: NA, Romance

Stars: 5+/5

Synopsis: Logan Knight is a real life knight in shining armor.

A detective godsend in a sleek black suit has me thinking less than secretive thoughts. Brooding and mysterious, he’s the kind of guy every girl instantly notices. Between his seductive smirk and charming good looks, it’s no wonder I can’t help the way he makes me feel whenever I’m near him. 
Too bad he’s unavailable—or so he says.

He thinks I’m a do-gooder who shouldn’t get involved with a guy like him. His past is messy and relationships just add to that. He insists the timing is all wrong and he’s devoted to his career, but I don’t buy that excuse for a second. I see the way his body tenses and his jaw ticks every time another guy is around me. He just won’t admit it, but I’m more determined than ever to show him what he’s missing.

I’m a devoted animal rescuer and I’ll risk everything to save them, but when a dramatic turn of events puts both our lives at risk, I’m positive Logan will write me off for good. But when he asks for my help with a personal crisis, I know it’s my last chance to finally show him I can handle anything he throws my way—messy past and all.

He might think he has me all figured out, but I’ll prove him wrong no matter what he thinks. This game of push and pull has me running in circles. One wrong move and we could both lose.

Checkmate, Knight.

*The author of this book sent me this paperback copy in exchange for an honest review, so don’t expect anything less than that. I will always give an honest review, be it a positive one or a negative one.*

Well, Kennedy Fox definitely has the power to get me out of the worst slumps.


THE ENDING. I can not even begin to comprehend….just WHY???

Actually, that’s the problem. I understand the ending PERFECTLY, and HOLY MOLY I CAN NOT WAIT FOR THE NEXT BOOK!!!

Now that I’m calm, let’s talk about the book….

This Is Dangerous hooked me on the first page and I didn’t look back up until I finished the book. I love books like that. Where they totally consume you and make you forget your surroundings.

The characters in this book feel so real! Logan and Kyla are written too perfection. Kyla, though mature for her age has the same immature moments as the rest of us. Logan is just so sweet, speaking in a way that will have you swooning all over the place. As the characters develop in the story the story itself grows into something so hard to capture in words. I thought that the insta-lust that happen right away was going to ruin this book for me. But at the end, I realized that this story might have involved love but it’s not the love you expect. Even tho Logan was bothering me when he was introduced in book 3 & 4 in the series, I absolutely love him now!!

“I wish you could see what I see.” She places the palm of her hand against my chest, my heart beating rapidly. “You have a kind heart. you’re a protector. You’re always here when I need you. Whether or not you see it, you’re a good soul, Logan Knight.” 

Overall, this book is nothing short of perfect (And I definitely prefer this book than book 3 & 4). It’s complex, has outstanding characters, and diverse. Kennedy Fox is such an incredible writer and even though I’ve only read two of her books, I’m so glad I have discovered her books. 

Falling in love with Kayla Sinclair would be reckless. Allowing her to fall for me would be dangerous. 

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