LET’S TALK: TV Series VS. Movies

Hello, everyone!

I hope everyone is having a good week. Eid Mubarak to everyone who celebrates it.

I feel like all you guys see from Farah and I are book-related stuff, which IS the point of this blog, but still, I feel like we all connect somehow, so I’d like to maybe talk about other things. This post will be the first of many if you guys like the idea.


Today’s discussion is a debate I’ve had before with MANY of my friends because I’m not a movie person… AT ALL. My opinions will be a bit biased because I generally dislike watching movies.

TV series get in-depth when it comes to character development, on-going action and everything that takes place in between. They also are constantly updated and the anticipation of a new episode for us to watch on the weekends after a long week of school/work keeps me going, tbh.

Popular TV series have AMAZING fan pages all over Tumblr and Instagram, so my feed is always crammed up with rumors, gossip, and theories of what’s going to happen in upcoming seasons.

When a TV series ends after a really long time *cough* The Vampire Diaries *cough*, and you get to feel that hole in your heart where your favorite characters were and the crushing feeling of knowing you can no longer see what they’re up to, you actually find a lot of other people out there who feel the same way and never really get to move on.

The advantage here is you get to “not move on” with other people, and that unites people in some sort of bond and you belong in a fandom that understands your emotional breakdowns. (Weird way of putting it but it’s true)

The reason I don’t like movies is we move on SO fast from them. You get 90 minutes of a set of characters and one or two plot twists, and that’s IT.

How am I expected to personally relate to a character in 90 minutes? I mean, sure, it happens and I don’t mean I never watch movies because I do, but I’d never love a certain set of characters in a movie the way I’d love them if they were in a TV show.


That said, I have plenty of movies and TV shows to recommend, so maybe I can write a whole blog post recommending you some??

Tell me your thoughts and which of those you prefer in the comments! I’d love to hear your point of views!

Until my next post, stay safe




2 thoughts on “LET’S TALK: TV Series VS. Movies

  1. I love both, but if we’re talking about a book adaptation – then I definitely prefer series. Movies just don’t have enough time or budget to properly give the fans what they want (or sometimes even make an enjoyable movie for those who know what’s going to happen and for those who don’t.) For example, I love The Mortal Instruments series – which has a tv show and movie adaptations. Both have lots of issues but I definitely prefer the movie mostly because I think it was much more faithful to the books in general aspects like the lack of modern technology (plus I just hate the cast for the series except Matthew Daddario). I also love the tv adaptation of Game of Thrones and some day I might try to read the books when the show’s over but not now because I know it’s very different from the books.
    I haven’t finished TVD the show yet but I heard the books are also pretty different. Have you read them yet/ are you planning to read them now that the show’s over?


    1. I totally agree with you! I haven’t read TVD’s books but I finished watching the show and it was brilliant. And I HATE TMI’s adaptations although the books are really good. And I agree with you over Matthew Daddario, he’s a blessing. I neither read nor watched Game of Thrones, but I’m planning to soon. I generally like reading the book before watching its adaptation so I’m pretty sure I’ll never read TVD.

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