Author Spotlight: Jake R. Knight

Hey there, everyone!

I’m here to present the talented author, Jake Robert Knight, who agreed to have this interview with me! Thank you so much, Jake.


Who/What inspired you to write your debut novella, The Cure?
I wrote my debut novella The Cure because I wanted to explore a future that I thought could potentially be possible. I drew from many media, including the movie In Time and the PC game The Sims, but at it’s core, I really wanted to play on the idea of two basic concepts: technology and free will.
What was your favorite book as a kid?
Ah! Such a good question. My favourite series as a kid was A Series Of Unfortunate Events by Lemony Snicket (Daniel Handler). But I also loved Roald Dahl and Enid Blyton.
Is any part of the books you write related to your real life? Situations or characters? If so, tell us more details.
Yes! I very much am chained to technology. As I type this I have my phone beside me, my iPad on charge, and the TV in the background. I guess I just wanted to height that concept to the highest point possible in The Cure! I’ve also been told I am a robot when it comes to processing emotions, haha! (and) in my book, the future is all synthetic and regimented and processed, as in, the weather is scheduled, the sunset is programmed, etc. This is something that I would (in a very weird way) enjoy if it were to become our future.
What’s the worst thing a book can include, in your POV?
Hmm… good question! The worst thing a book can include is undeveloped or premature ideas. It kills me when I see a story line/idea in a book, but it’s forgotten about or unexplored!
Do you believe in supernatural beings?
Of course! Somewhere out there I think the Tooth Fairy, Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny are having a good ol’ drink together in some Folk Lore pub!
Non-bookish question, what are the TV series you binge watched/are currently binge watching?
Currently, we are binging Ugly Betty!
About the Author:
J. R Knight is a Melbourne based writer, blogger and author. He enjoys lethal amounts of caffeine, long bubble baths, delicious smelling candles, his partner and his little cats Leo and Mercy. Committed and driven to his writing career, J. R Knight’s ambition is unstoppable, his passion undeniable and he can’t wait to conquer and capture the world one story at a time.
 Social Media Links:
Instagram: @j.rknight
His debut novella, The Cure, is available for purchase here:
To read my full thoughts on The Cure, click right here.
Until my next post, stay safe.

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